Financial Aid

Financial Aid information is available to all prospective and currently enrolled students who qualify and enroll in an approved career training program. The Financial Aid offered at the CTE centers consists of the Title IV Federal Pell Grant, Florida Student Assistance Grant, Florida Work Experience Program, Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, Student Financial Aid Fund (SFAF), private scholarships and assistance for targeted populations. Research for scholarships can be completed online at or  For career and technical scholarships please visit the Horatio Alger National Career and Technical Scholarship Website.
 Students who wish to apply for Financial Aid must visit one of the Financial Aid Offices at a CTE center and complete the Orange County Public School CTE Financial Aid Checklist and pick up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) worksheet or go to


Steps to Apply for Financial Aid Guidelines:
If selected for verification by the USDOE or the school then income documentation as well as other documentation must be provided to the school before an award can be made, if eligible.  NOTE:  As of July 15, 2012 only a tax return transcript will be acceptable from the IRS.  
Satisfactory academic progress must be maintained in order to receive financial aid. Satisfactory academic progress is defined as student completion of 70 percent or above of the competencies as defined in the course guidelines for that period of enrollment, coursework completion at an acceptable level of performance and attendance within the guidelines stated in the Career and Technical Education attendance policy.
NOTE:  It is recommended that the FAFSA be submitted for processing a minimum of two weeks prior to expected enrollment date.