Business and Industry Training (Continuing Workforce Education)

One of the best investments you can make in your company's future growth and success is helping employees obtain the advanced training, skills and certifications required to advance careers, add value to the workplace, and increase your company's productivity.

For decades, OCPS Career and Technical Education has partnered with top Central Florida employers of all types and sizes to provide affordable, impactful professional development programs proven to enhance businessBusiness and Industry Training performance.
  • Customized training programs
  • Certification training by experienced instructors
  • Affordable programs, convenient locations, flexible schedules 
  • Customer focused training

You may find the perfect training option in our variety of existing training programs and if not OCPS will work with you to design the training program that meets your company's needs. 

Contact our training coordinators to learn about how our OCPS can improve and advance your workforce!
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Corliss Lynch - Winter Park Tech
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