What You Need to Know About G2E Asia

We all love to sit at home and enjoy our free time. We all do it in our own way – some of us like to watch movies and relax and others to cook or read. What we do in our free time also depends on where we live – for example, a lot of people in Japan like to bet with bet365 ボーナス. Spending time at home doing things that we love is great, but sometimes you also need an event to take you out of the house. An event that will make you rub elbows with successful people, invest in promising business ventures, see what works and what doesn’t, and so on. Bring games of chance into the mix, like slots and video poker, and you’ve got G2E, or the Global Gaming Expo, a worldwide event for gamers and their hosts. Today, I want to talk about its little brother – G2E Asia.

Global Gaming Expo Asia is an international event, hosted in Macau every year, and its organizers are the American Gaming Association (AGA) and Reed Exhibitions. Everybody who is anybody in the business of gambling machines, including components, software, and that amazing design, whether it is in Asia or the rest of the world, attends the event, as it is the perfect opportunity to do a little bit of networking and showing off your assets. After all, the business must grow, and it wouldn’t be wise to miss this event.

Who Will Be There?

Believe it or not, it’s not just the casino owners that are looking to enrich their gaming arsenal – the expo is the destination to many a profession. You will find government workers, lawyers, and advertisers. While this certainly seems normal, here’s where things get interesting.

You will also come across bankers, journalists, and cruise organizers because they also like to be kept in the loop regarding these things. It helps in their work, and it’s generally good info to have on hand. Apart from that, there are manufacturers and security firms.

Why Are They Here?

It’s not just gaming machines that are so alluring to the global network of gambling. The reason people attend this event is to find out more about the latest technology that can be used for other things as well. For example, it is perfect for keeping track of the latest in surveillance technology, keeping your investments and companies secure.

Accessories, branding, and consulting are also in the game, as it is important to share what you know, and what you don’t know about improving your customer’s experience.


Alas, the G2E 2018 is already gone. But, fret not, my fine friends, you will get your chance to attend it next year and the year after that, since this baby has been around for 17 years. In a few months, it’ll be able to vote.

Seriously, though, the next expo is scheduled for May of 2019. Since 2018 is coming to an end, it is still early to have the complete list of exhibitors, let alone visitors. This year was record-breaking in terms of attendance, but we believe it will keep growing.


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