Beginner’s Guide to Online Casino Games

Sometimes, you need more than a cutesy character or an action-packed adventure. Games today require focus and dedication. It is nigh impossible to grind after a long hard-working day. But there are other activities people can enjoy as well, like watching TV series or having fun on sites similar to Moreover, there are games that require very little time but bring people all kinds of excitement.

I am talking about casino games. As mentioned before, it isn’t always possible to hop on over to the nearest casino and play a few hands of cards. This is why we have online casino games.

Sit down, because I will help you learn what’s what – how you can play and the different types of games you can try. If the casino in question has a welcome bonus or a sign-up bonus, be sure to use them, as this will give you a head start you shouldn’t miss out on.


The game works like regular roulette. You pick a number and hope that the ball lands on it. I would recommend starting with a color, rather than a number. The gain is significantly smaller, since you have a chance of about 48% to either win or lose. This is a good beginner strategy until you figure out how the betting system works. Here are more detailed instructions on how to play roulette online.

Video Poker

This is similar to poker, only there are usually no other players. You are playing against the machine. It goes like this – you place a bet, receive a hand, choose the cards you’d like to keep, and then you receive your final hand.

You can forget about counting cards and other tricks, the machines have their own RNG (random number generator) that makes sure cards are thoroughly shuffled with each hand. Having a poker face also has no effect, since the machine won’t flinch. What makes this interesting is that you have to rely solely on your skills and good luck to win.


Let’s start with the basics – slots can be played anywhere and everywhere. Even the most basic online casino has some type of slots with different themes. Sometimes, it is a jungle, other times, your favorite Disney cartoon – this all depends on the licences acquired by the online casino that you are visiting.

Most casinos will let you play a few rounds for free – nothing ventured and nothing gained, but also nothing lost (this is very important). Once you get a hold of how the slots function, and what symbols to watch out for, the rest is a piece of cake. Remember – online slots work exactly like regular slots, only here you don’t have to wait for an overly enthusiastic granny to finish before you get your turn.


The dice lovers are going to love this one. You throw your dice and try to come up with either 7 or 11, and bet on whether you’ll succeed in getting that combo or not. After that, you can throw any combination you like, as long as it’s not snake eyes, which is two ones, three or twelve. Good luck!


The game of baccarat is two-fold. You draw two cards and hope to get a result that’s exactly nine, or as close to it as possible. This doesn’t mean that you win, though. While this is similar to Blackjack, you don’t need a winning hand – you need to guess whether you have it, or the dealer does.