Simple Games That are Great For the Mind – When You Don’t have Days to Invest in RPGs

Simple video games have been there for a while and people have enjoyed many of them before they have ever laid their eyes on an RPG. While they are immersive and can bring you such a great gaming experience, or an artistic one, even, they do take a lot of time.

If you’re in a rush and are battling with time constantly, you might want to just play online slots or some other quick games. Here are a couple of games which you can play and still better yourself and challenge your mental game.


Poker is a game of cards. It is also a game of bluffs. If you can play it online, then you might not be able to call out many people (or bots) on their bluffs. If you’re playing with friends, it’s a different story and you can hone your social skills and body language reading, immensely. You do not even have to play for money if you just want to practice, but things get much more real when you start spending your own dollars. Be aware that problem gambling (addiction) is very real.


Chess, the game of strategists. You can become a great chess player just by playing, especially with good opponents. You can become even better once you start thinking and having an automated process in your head which handles many of the possible movements. You can get even better if you happen to know openings and other, specific movements performed and named after the many masters of chess. You can definitely improve your mind by playing it.


This game is not only a game of possibilities, but also speed. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a clock which is counting. The longer your take, the worse your score will be. Once you figure out what the numbers mean (it takes people ages), then you can start improving your minesweeping techniques. This might take time as people have taken it to perfection, much like with any other game.


How is this good for the brain? It teaches you to plan ahead and anticipate the possible negatives that might happen. Those ghosts are coming for you, yet they do not know when exactly and neither to you. But you know how to plan ahead and avoid the potential danger. It can also teach you patience. Losing is a great part of playing Pac-Man.

These are just a couple of simple games you could be playing at any time to improve your brain some ways. There certainly are more, from card games like blakjack and hearts to Tetris, Bomberman and lots of other platform-based video games. Keep it simple, but improve, a good motto with these games.


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